While working as the art director for a wedding website a few years ago, I had the great pleasure of perusing various wedding blogs for inspiration. When I got engaged a few years later, I scoured Pinterest for things that I wanted for our wedding: things that were FUN.. 

After becoming fixated with sequin tablecloths and table runners, and performing extensive research on how to get my hands on them, I was disappointed to discover that: A) The wedding decor companies that had them were almost exclusively based in the US (no luck for this Canadian girl) and B) renting - let alone buying - the sequin goods was unbelievably expensive. As a bride on a budget, I took matters into my own hands!

Now, my dear brides-to-be and party planning ladies and gents, SparklePony exists to make sequin goods more accessible. Everyone deserves to have glitz at their wedding without going broke!

xo SparklePony